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Freaky Friday

An adaptation of the classic novel and beloved films, Freaky Friday follows teenager Ellie Blake and her mother, Katherine, on the weirdest, strangest, craziest, freakiest day of their whole lives. Try as they might, Katherine and Ellie just can’t seem to understand each other: Ellie wants her mom to stop trying to change her, while Katherine wants her daughter to be the best version of herself that she can be. On a fateful Friday, the day before Katherine’s wedding, something magical occurs when mother and daughter swap bodies. Now, both will have to一literally一spend a day walking in each other’s shoes, learning about each other and the struggles each goes through and forging a new mother-daughter relationship in this hilarious, energetic, and moving musical comedy.

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Dates & Times​

July 25-27, 2024


Community Baptist Church​
1018 Parkway Drive
Spring Hill Tn 37174

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Cast List

Ellie Blake
Eloise Leblanc

Katherine Blake
Jamie Plum

Oliver Leblanc

Kaleb Stone

Shannon Leblanc

Karly (Karl)
June Plum

Lyla Autry

Cooper Frailley

Sadie Mae Pope

Nora Autry

Roxy de Ledesma

Dr. Ehrin
Julie Edmonds

Mr. Blumen
Susan Frailley

Mrs. Luckenbill
Esther Jane Pope

Senor O'Brien
Shab de Ledesma

Ms. Meyers
Kate Harris

Mrs. Time
Katherine Harris

Lucy (Louis)
and Dance Captain
Caroline Hendra

Marjorie Press

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy tickets for a TFP show? 

Tickets are available online for purchase. The link can be found on this page. 

If my family member is in the show am I guaranteed a ticket? 

Family members and friends will still need to purchase tickets in order to see the shows. You will have first access to the ticket link when it goes live.

Where will auditions be held? Can I take pictures or videos of family member performing?  

Please do not take any photos or videos during the performance. We will have a photographer taking cast pictures that you'll be able to share. 

How early can I show up to the show?

Doors will open 30 minutes to one hour prior to showtime. We recommend getting there early to make sure you get a seat prior to doors closing at start time to minimize distractions for the performers.

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